Applied Climate Justice Courses


At Climate HQ, we're committed to fostering a new generation of climate leaders who are dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. We offer two Applied Climate Justice Courses for advanced students who want to hone their voices as ethical and effective leaders, the Climate Ambassadors Course and the Certificate Practicum Course.

These courses support you on your unique journey to becoming a climate justice leader with others on and off campus. 



Climate Ambassadors Practicum Course (COMM/ENVS 675)


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The Climate Ambassadors Course is a 4-unit course that supports student-driven education in ethical, creative, and effective climate communication and engagement strategies. This course is highly collaborative and involves critical reading/discussion about climate justice action and developing hands-on climate communication projects over the course of the semester. Students will be required to meet in class as well as engage in some out-of-class activities.  

This class is ideal for students wanting to become more involved on campus in a collaborative environment and/or those who may not already be engaged in fellowship and major-specific projects related to climate action.

It is open to all majors (including non-Certificate students) who have taken and passed at least two courses within the Climate Change Certificate.  



Climate Change Certificate Practicum Course (BIOL 681)

The Certificate Practicum Course is a 1-unit course that supports students in applying their evolving understanding of climate change towards real-world impact. The class facilitates students to integrate a climate change component into existing major requirements, internships, service learning, employment, fellowships, and/or faculty-student research collaborations.

Students will share their work with peers and reflect on their experiences together, as well as participate in peer-led and instructor-led learning exchanges on Climate Change themes of interest to the class.

This is an intimate class of students already engaged in fellowships or other projects related to climate change, climate action and climate justice. 

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