Certificate Practicum Course

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The Climate Change Certificate Practicum is a 1-unit course tailored for students who are already engaged in climate-related projects or working with nonprofit and activist organizations. Our program offers personalized mentorship to help you take your initiative to the next level.

Students will share their work with peers and reflect on their experiences together, as well as participate in peer-led and instructor-led learning exchanges on Climate Change themes of interest to the class.

This class will serve to provide instructor and peer support on these projects, to learn from each other, and to reflect on the process.


Highlights of the Course Include

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our distinguished faculty members. They will work closely with you to refine your project goals, strategies, and impact, ensuring that your efforts align with best practices in climate action.

Whether you're involved in research, advocacy, grassroots campaigns, or technology-driven solutions, our program provides the resources and mentorship needed to advance your project's development and successful implementation.


Develop essential skills in project management, communication, data analysis, and sustainability, enhancing your ability to drive change within your organization or project.


Connect with a community of fellow climate activists, faculty mentors, and experts. Expand your network and collaborate with individuals who share your dedication to climate justice.


Upon successful completion of the Climate Change Certificate Practicum, you'll receive a certificate recognizing your commitment to climate leadership and the practical experience gained during the program.



Join Us in Amplifying Your Impact

The Climate Change Certificate Practicum is your opportunity to receive mentorship, support, and resources to amplify the impact of your existing climate project or organization. Whether you're working to effect change at the grassroots level or within established institutions, our program is here to empower your journey toward a more sustainable future.