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Climate HQ was created to empower SF State's diverse students, staff, and faculty to become climate justice leaders.

By actively advancing climate justice both within California and beyond, we strive to create a global impact in addressing climate challenges and fostering just and sustainable solutions.

Guided by our core value of climate justice, we are investing in people & community by developing equity-minded initiatives that reach across SF State to the broader CSU system to address climate change.

Together, we are training student leaders, creating empowering events, and transforming our campus to face today's greatest climate challenges.



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Climate HQ’s student lounge is the place to be! Our student lounge is located on the fifth floor of Hensill Hall in room 525. 

Students can come study, get some snacks, mingle and find community with other like-minded students and faculty, and get connected to all of the programs and opportunities Climate HQ offers.



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