Faculty Learning Communities

faculty learning communities


Do you have an interest in incorporating climate change and/or climate justice into your pedagogy?

We are supporting climate justice teaching at SF State through Climate Justice Faculty Learning Communities (CJ FLCs).

Modeled on CEETL’s Teaching Squares, these FLCs will focus on providing space and time for faculty members to discuss and plan around climate justice pedagogy. FLCs will meet regularly throughout the semester to support each other and share best practices for teaching and learning focused on climate justice pedagogies. 


Important Dates and Information

The first iteration of Climate HQ’s Faculty Learning Communities will take place in Spring 2024. 

A $500 honorarium is provided, and the deadline to apply is November 17th, 2023 at 5pm.


If you are interested in connecting with other faculty members in order to organize an FLC together, please post/respond to other interested faculty on this discussion board.

Please contact the Climate HQ Faculty Learning Communities lead Dr. Carolina Prado at carolinaprado@sfsu.edu with any questions you might have.



About Faculty Learning Communities

Climate HQ's Faculty Learning Communities have 3 main purposes:


1. To support faculty members to incorporate climate change and/or climate justice into their course/ project/pedagogy for the first time.​

2. To support faculty members who already teach climate change and /or climate justice into their course/ project/pedagogy to deepen their teaching of social justice aspects of climate change into that course.

3. To facilitate connections among faculty teaching climate change and/or climate justice in different ways across campus. 


Outcomes of Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty members will organize readings/resources and use those to create pedagogy outcomes such as:

  • syllabus changes to their classes

  • readings lists

  • assignment/exercises

  • lecture(s)

  • project-based collaboration between departments

  • community collaboration, and/or organization of a climate HQ event on campus.

FLCs should plan to meet to work on their project for ten hours over the course of the semester, using curated resources to create a proposed pedagogy outcome.

Each FLC should consist of 3-6 SF State faculty, staff, or student members.


We encourage interdisciplinary groups who are interested in working on a similar climate topic or folks within departments/disciplines who want to work on applying climate justice pedagogy in your field.

Each member of the FLC will receive a $500 stipend for their full participation in the FLC.



Current FLCs Available

There are currently two Faculty Learning Communities being coordinated by Climate HQ in Spring 2024. 


1. Climate HQ is hosting the self-directed FLC program described above, where participants self-organize around their a) own educational resource(s), b) own meeting times, and c) proposed pedagogical outcome(s).

2, CSU Chico is hosting a CSU-wide FLC where there is a) existing content on climate change (climate solutions, anxiety, justice and curriculum, b) existing meeting times, and c) determined outcomes.


If you would like to learn more information on both of these FLCs and how to apply you can do so by clicking on the buttons below: