Climate Ambassadors Course

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The Climate Ambassadors Course is a 4-unit course that supports student-driven education in ethical, creative, and effective climate communication and engagement strategies. This course is highly collaborative and involves critical reading/discussion about climate justice action and developing hands-on climate communication projects over the course of the semester. Students will be required to meet in class as well as engage in some out-of-class activities.  

This class is ideal for students wanting to become more involved on campus in a collaborative environment and/or those who may not already be engaged in fellowship and major-specific projects related to climate action.

It is open to all majors (including non-Certificate students) who have taken and passed at least two courses within the Climate Change Certificate.  


The Climate Ambassadors Course covers topics ranging from:

Narrative Strategy

Creative Climate Communication

Community Organizing

Participatory Justice

Policy and Organizational Strategy

Public Engagement

Ways to make an impact in our local and global communities, and more!


Students will be required to meet in class as well as engage in some out-of-class activities. Consult your Professor for the specific requirements for your section.

Students who want to build community across majors, participate in climate-related events on campus, hone their voice as leaders who can make a real world impact, and use narrative to story a more just future!



Credits and Prerequisites

What Does This Class Count For?



Within the Climate Change Certificate Program, this course fulfills the Solutions and Advanced Climate Justice requirement or the Applied Component.


It also may fill an Elective course and/or Complementary Studies class within your major/minor upon approval (e.g., ENVS, COMM, or by approval from your major/minor advisor). 



This course is open to all majors/minors with some background in climate and environmental justice.

We are now waiving many of the course prerequisites! This course counts toward the Climate Change Certificate as well.







What Makes this Course Unique?

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Communication & Social Justice Emphasis

How do we communicate about climate change across silos, differences, and in ways that center diverse knowledge? How can we learn from those who came before us and adapt those lessons for climate justice today? This course’s communication emphasis will cover topics like narrative strategy, community organizing, participatory justice and public engagement, and ways to make an impact in our local and global communities. Students will also hone their own communication skills in a supportive environment with other students! 




Community Building & Cross-Pollination

Climate change is not just a scientific or technological issue, or a policy or communication issue either–it is an everything issue! We need the physical, natural, and social sciences, ethnic studies, humanities, and the creative arts to move people to action! This class welcomes students of all majors to cross-pollinate, learn from and with each other, and grow together in a unique collaborative experience that reflects the reality of what it will take to advance climate justice in our complex world. Students will read and discuss material that addresses important issues relevant to all majors.

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Project Development & Hands-On Experience

The Climate Ambassadors course is not your average course. Like the problems we face today, the course itself may change and adapt to accommodate opportunities, events, and topics that reflect students’ interests and its Professors’ expertise. Each class will involve collaborative student-driven hands-on projects developed over the course of the semester. Consult your specific Professor to learn more about what this could look like for you!




Supportive Space to Grow

Although this is a more advanced course for students with some familiarity about climate change, you do not need to consider yourself an “expert” to take this class. Professors of the Climate Ambassadors are committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for you to find your passion, grow into a climate justice leader, and prepare you for climate action even beyond graduation!

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