Photo of planet earth taken from outer space

Earth Week Inaugural Film Festival

Thursday, April 20, 2023
Event Time 04:00 p.m. - 07:00 p.m. PT
Location Coppola Theater
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Earth Week Film Fest Agenda

4 pm - Doors Open

4:05 pm - Student Film Screenings and Speakers


- What's the Buzz? by Hannah "Eli" Lee (She/They)

Though honeybees are a beloved environmental mascot, their presence can have some serious consequences for the other native pollinators they share resources with. This documentary explores why this non-native species has become so ubiquitous in North America, their role in our agricultural system, and their impacts on the ecosystems they are introduced to.

- Gardening Bayview by Molly Blair Syler

In a time where connections with others can feel difficult, in a place where connecting to the earth can feel just as remote, Gardening Bayview celebrates the hope, care, and community that grows from digging in the dirt. 

- 53 Years People's Park by Annalise Velazquez (Any pronouns)

A third cinema, docu realist experimental short on the land defense and protest to protect Peoples Park in Berkeley Summer of 2022.

- Merseburg Charms by Mark Klatte (He/Him)

Merseburg Charms is part of a larger body of work I have created that concerns the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants. Because of their central theme, these works run counter to destructive hegemonic norms of capitalism, colonialism, and modern Christianity. The works also exist outside of the gender binary and heteronormativity, to dismiss constructed patriarchal frameworks and acknowledge difference as the natural standard of life.

- In Between Spaces by Freddie Rupprecht (He/Him)

An exploration of spaces in transition. 

- Our Friend the Ocean by Katelyne Gonzalez (She/Her)

Our Friend, The Ocean shows the connection we share with the ocean. Oftentimes we don’t see how we treat the ocean like a one-sided friendship, where it provides us with so much when we don’t give it enough. Therefore, it is to spread the powerful message that we all need to come together and conserve our oceans. Hope you enjoy it!

- Cryptid PSA by Timothy Camaclang

This guide is to protect yourself from dangerous cryptids. However, most of the strategies happen to be pro-environmental 

- Bay Area Bountiful Evergreen (Half)

- Climate 101

5:36 pm - Screening Season 1 of The North Pole Show

6:40 pm - Q & A Session with creators of the show, Josh Healey and Donte Clark!