Climate Justice Leaders Initiative

CJLI was created to cultivate San Francisco State University’s exceptionally diverse students, staff, and faculty to become equity-minded climate justice leaders while advancing the economic interests of California. The CJLI is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, campus wide set of initiatives that build student, faculty, staff, and community leadership across campus.

The CJLI was made possible through a generous donation from Neda Nobari, an Iranian-American businesswoman, philanthropist, and alum of San Francisco State University. Nobari’s vision for these initiatives was to support transformative change in our responses to climate change through catalytic approaches grounded in climate justice.


The CJLI includes the following initiatives:

CJLI Initiative

Predicted Outcome by End of Year 5

Support & deepen the Certificate in Climate Change Causes, Impacts, & Solutions by creating a capstone course and a Metro College Success Program advising pathway to support students from underrepresented backgrounds.

> 750 students will have earned the Certificate

Create a Certificate in Climate Justice Education for current and future PK-12 teachers.

> 60 students will have earned the PK-12 Certificate and will be teaching climate change in the PK-12 system throughout CA

Create a Climate Ambassadors Course, where students will be trained in - and put into practice - effective climate change communication.

~200 students will have served as Climate Ambassadors on campus

Introduce climate change into the SF State Studies requirement, so every undergraduate learns about it.

~32,000 students will have learned about climate change while attending SFSU

Create Climate Action Fellowships, which are paid internships for students to get involved in climate research or community action on or off campus.

40 students will have served as Climate Action Fellows

Create Mini-Grants for faculty-led projects in climate-related research and creative arts.

60 faculty will have expanded their climate-related research or creative endeavors

Create Faculty Learning Communities to support faculty in engaging with climate change in their courses across SFSU.

80 faculty will have created new climate change curricula grounded in social justice

Create an annual Climate Change Conference at SFSU.

4 Climate Change conferences organized

Support faculty and staff engagement with annual climate change events.

4 EcoFests & 4 Earth Days supported

Create Sol Patch 2, a new teaching garden, serving students and courses across campus.

A new teaching garden created