Climate Change Certificate

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Certificate in Climate Change Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

The Climate Change Certificate program gives students a foundational understanding of climate change’s causes, effects and solutions so they can take action in their communities. While some of the courses that count toward the certificate are in the sciences, the program is not exclusively for science majors. In fact, the program was designed so that students from any major can take any course — there are few to no prerequisites. It’s also open to matriculated and non-matriculated students and students who aren’t working toward a specific degree.

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Earn a Climate Change Certificate

How to Earn a Climate Change Certificate

Earning Climate Change Certificates works differently from earning degrees at SF State. There is no need to apply for or declare the Certificate. Instead, follow these 3 steps:

4 Steps to Earn the Climate Change Certificate:

Detailed Information About 3-Steps to Earn the Climate Change Certificate

Before you get started please start by completing these following processes.


1. Review information on which courses need to be taken


2. Pay the $7 Certificate Program Fee by logging into your Student Account, following Pay Graduate Fees Online instructions

Please note: Be sure to download a copy of the receipt so you can use it in Step 3.

3. Complete a CAP form and send it for signatures by opening PowerForm Signer Information docusign form and following the instructions in it.

  • You’ll need to add the name of your Climate Change Certificate Advisor in your program, department, or college to the form. If you have NOT seen an advisor: Please enter Aritree Samanta ( as your advisor if your last name starts with letter A-N, and enter Autumn Thoyre ( as your advisor if your last name starts with letter O-Z.
  • If you have questions about completing the CAP form, please reach out to a Climate Change Certificate Advisor.
  • Note that after you click “Finish,” the form will automatically be sent electronically to the Advisor, Program/Department Chair, and Division of Graduate Studies for their signatures.


Deadlines for completing Certificate paperwork: 

  • For Spring award of Certificate: finish paperwork by June 15
  • For Summer award of Certificate: finish paperwork by August 15

*Please Note: If you miss a deadline, it’s not too late to earn the Certificate. You can finish the paperwork the next semester and still earn the Certificate.